Rob Grobman and I have been blessed to be the teachers of the Heartisan Youth Center Movie Making Class. Both Rob and I have the desire to pass on our passion for story telling and film making. Its amazing to see how fast the students have picked up the skills.

Heartisan Students

The true reason for teaching a movie making class is less about the actual film making and more about the opportunities for growth that film making and video production provide. I have experienced it personally.

For example: in 2016 our team was commissioned to create a short film about Jeff Gogue, one of the best tattoo artists in the world. Up to that point I had only one silly little mushroom tattooed on my ankle from my teenage years. In order to effectively tell the story I had to learn more about tattoos, the industry, and Jeff's personal story. It took us about 6 months of hanging out as his shop and filming various clients experiences before I felt ready to get my shoulder and arm tattooed. I had to experience a bit of what his clients were experiencing to better understand the story.

I wanted to completely immerse myself in that world to understand it, in order to tell Jeff's story. The process provided me the opportunity to learn more about myself and other people. Not to mention the trip to Japan which had its own lessons and growth.

It takes courage, confidence, patience and the desire to listen and learn to be a story teller. Passing on these qualities to young people while giving them experience with technology, communication and leadership is the true reason we are teaching the class.