It’s time to go to Mars!!!

So one of the coolest new projects we’re undertaking will take place at MDRS in Hanksville Utah! I’m actually on a plane right now headed to the facility.

Les Stroud (the Survivorman) is a client of ours and on occasion he has us film content for him. He’s an all around humble and powerfully creative individual and we enjoy working with him. So Les, Max Attwood (Les’s go to DP) and I are flying down to the Mars Desert Reasearch Station to learn more about the training, studies and experiences happening down there.

If I understand correctly, were filming "How to survive on Mars", which will most likely be featured on the SMTV Network. SMTV is Les Stroud's outlet for "all things Survivorman". His films, shows, music as well as other specially curated content is available.

Here's a link to check it out:

The MDRS is basically the prototype Mars colony, where humans will be training for the eventual colonization. It contains Mars Rovers, space suits, greenhouses, all the things needed to live on the planet. I'm not sure what to expect and am totally excited for this opportunity. Ill be posting updates to our social media outlets along the way, assuming theres Wifi on Mars...

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