Our New Direction

Today is the day! Ive spent the last 2 weeks redesigning our site. Its been fun. I have been going through some challenges lately. My two little ones have been sick and well, sleep has been scarce. When I would finally get them to sleep or had a little time I wouldn't be able to sleep. So instead of lying around wishing I could sleep, I decided to play with a new design. Along the way I realized that recreating our company's web image was an important next step in our growth. I further realized our goals, and passion.

Home Screen

At first, I wanted to show the world all that we can do, but realized that we didn't necessarily want to do all those things. Rob Grobman, my second in command and I sat around the office discussing our company vision.

Traveling the world, discovering new places, meeting new people. That's what we love. Learning about and expanding our understanding of the human experience is what our true passion is.

On our home page you will find a teaser for our new series “In our Element”. We have a beautiful vision for this project. Our goal is to show how accessible and healing nature is, and hopefully to inspire people to connect with nature in their own way. Our first episode features Tim, a wild crafter out of Southern Oregon. He shares some insights into stinging nettles as well as a bit of his passion for preserving and honoring our natural environment.

Next up is a teaser for our new film “Vida Feliz”. We travelled to Mexico last fall to film with the Flores family from Grants Pass, Oregon. This film shares the story of their migration to the US and how they founded the Si Casa Flores Corp. It was such a joy to travel across Mexico with them and learn more about their history. We are excited to be sharing the full film soon.

If you keep scrolling right on the main image, you will find a video we created in support of the Martin Luther king day celebration in Ashland. Our non profit, the Heartisan Foundation is our way of loving the community that supports us. Through it we strive to empower and cultivate young leaders by providing unique and engaging experiences. Visit the foundation’s site at www.heartisan.foundation.

Blessings and thanks for reading.