Over the past few years I have learned a lot about running my own business and the courage it takes to leave the security of a regular job and taking the leap of faith. It’s definitely a test in discipline, creativity and faith. But well worth it. My business has given me the most important thing I desired.


Time with my family, time to develop my creativity and time to enjoy life.

When I decided to have my own business I still had a job. I took advantage of my position as a barista to share my ideas with friends and customers. I thought, spoke and lived as if I already had my own business and was already marketing my services. Here are some key points that I see helped me greatly.

1. Confidence and Courage – One of the most important things is the belief in yourself that you can do it. Not just believing but knowing, with out a doubt, that you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams. If anyone else can do it then so can you. The only difference between someone starting out and someone who is successful is the time and dedication it took to get there.

2. Passion – Lets face it, if you aren’t passionate about what you do then it’s going to be very difficult to push through the challenges and obstacles they you will encounter. You also need it to inspire others to support you and believe in you. Your passion is contagious and if you can share that passion others will see it and get behind you.

3. Get involved in local charities and fundraisers. What ever your product or service is, find a way to use it in the service of your community. Your customers are in your community, if you want them to invest in your business, you have to invest in them. There’s a lot to be gained by sponsoring, donating and serving charities.

4. Be you and only you. There are a ton of others doing exactly what you do. Aside from great customer service and a great product, customers are going to notice you and your personality, your character. Who you are is the one main uniqueness you can bring to the table. No one else can be you as good as you can. Find your strengths and refine them. Find your weakness and address them.

5. Never become complacent. It is imperative that you stay on the front lines of your field. If you fall behind on the trends or fall out of the loop of the things happening in your field, you will be left behind by others that are obsessed and engaged in the development of their craft. Always be catering to your growth. Seek new information, process it then act upon it.

6. Always know why you are doing what you do. Make every decision intentional. Why did you choose this business? Why do you get up in the morning? Have real reasons for your efforts and goals.

7. Have clear and detailed goals, both long term and short term. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you have arrived. It’s important to be able to gauge your progress. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit certain goals. Simply analyze why they didn’t manifest and make the necessary changes to fix the weak areas.

Although there are many more insights and guides to running your own business and these stand out in my mind as vital fundamentals that apply to all types of business. Lastly, believe in yourself, believe in your reasons and know that you can do it!

Alright that’s all I got for the moment. Please feel free to comment any other ideas or experiences to help others.