October 31, 2017


There are various personalities, experiences and attitudes to harmonize. 

Here’s a list of things to remember when managing your team.


Your team is valuable, your company or organization can’t function efficiently with out help. They support you and their efforts should be acknowledged and appreciated.


They are only as passionate as you are. If your team isn’t fired up about their work then the first thing to address should be your own passion. 


Make sure everyone on your team is where they belong. Place team members in areas where they are able to utilize their strengths. Don’t push the introverted engineer type to be your customer service rep. Take the time to know your team and what things they love doing.


Empower your team to solve problems and encourage them with positive criticism provided at the right time. Never chastise a team member in front of clients or other employees. Instead invite them out for a drink and hang out, bring up the topic in casual discussion.


Give them space. The worst is a boss who is always hovering and watching over their shoulders. It communicates a lack of trust and confidence in them.


Establish a strong and passionate company culture. It should support and reinforce your own passion and reason for the work.


Be the example. Follow your own rules and own your mistakes. This is probably the most powerful on the list.. The ability to acknowledge your own short comings makes you way more effective as a leader.


Feed your team good food!



Remember that your team will only be loyal and effective if they are valued, appreciated and encouraged by you. An effective leader is not a dictator but instead a nurturing and empowering team mate…




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