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Who we are…

We are artists and creators who have dedicated our skills and talents to heartfelt story telling. We live a life of curiosity, passion and discovery in which we seek genuine connection with each of the people we are fortunate enough to work with. We dig deep to find the heart of each story we create. We believe that the process of discovery – of digging deep, building relationships, and investing emotionally – is as important as what goes on the screen. This is what distinguishes us from other production companies. To us, our craft is much more than creating beautiful images. To tell a truly compelling story, we must fully understand it. Understanding a story takes effort and most of all Heart!

We Go Deep Into The Story


Ideas and Inspiration are the foundation of this phase. We spend lots of time digging deep into the heart of each story we tell. We take the time to get to know our clients, listening close to their vision, goals, needs and in doing so are able to develop the perfect solutions.


Here we have a blast playing with our cameras and other story telling toys. We work efficiently, to make the best use of the time we have with our clients.

Post Production

Here we refine the art we have created. Color grading, music composition or licensing, final edits and tweaks to make your project shine and have your story told in the best way possible.


Here we congratulate each other with an energetic high 5! We deliver various versions of the final piece, optimized for the various outlets used in distribution. Your audience gets to experience the passion, joy and heart that we put into the project.

Recent Works

Our Clients Story Is Told

“Heartisan is top notch!”

– Travis C.

“It’s one of those things you can’t put into words, it just speaks for itself..”

– Ronnie W.

“Pure awesomeness!! I am so impressed with the work.”

– Alex A.

“Heartisan Films brings joy to everything they do.”

– Kate L.

“Provides excellent vision and direction to any project.”

– Mary M.

“Awe inspiring.”

– Jan B.

Meet The Crew


Owner / Director

“I love using the arts to communicate messages of love, life, hope and inspiration.



Andrew has a passion for motorsports, specifically drift racing. He wants to travel the world with his camera capturing beautiful footage on his adventures.


Set Design / Make-up

Heidi has years of experience as an artist and set designer. Her passion lies in creating the perfect setting to support the story. She brings a beautiful perspective to our projects.

Rob Grobman

Editor/Assistant Director

Rob loves capturing and piecing together inspiring stories that connect people to one another as well as the world around them. He himself is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature and its ever flowing bounty of wisdom.

Amber Thompson

Production Assistant/ Camera Operator

Amber loves traveling and working with her heartfelt coworkers and clients. She hopes to travel the world creating beautiful and inspiring films.


Audio Engineer

Caleb gets to satisfy his desire to serve his community through adding his ear to Heartisan Films. His attention to detail and love for people is priceless.



Assistant Camera

Thrill seeker and adventure junkie Kyle is driven by passion, the love for travel and sharing the beauty of this world.

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